It is said that the flag for Libertatia was plain white.
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"Circle-A" anarchy symbol
"Circle-A" anarchy symbol

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Libertatia is said to have been a free communalist colony created by pirates and their leader, Captain James Misson in the late 1600s. People argue about whether Libertatia really existed or not. It is described in the book A General History of the Pirates by Captain Charles Johnson, an otherwise unknown individual who may have really been the famous author Daniel Defoe. The book is a mixture of fact and fiction, and so there is the possibility that Libertatia is entirely fiction.

The pirate utopia motto was "for God and liberty," They fought wars against stats and lawmakers, attacking their ships, sparing prisoners, and freeing slaves.

It all started when James Mission, who was a soldier on a French warship, became very tired of the French government. The rest of the crew of his ship the Victorie felt the same way and convinced James Mission to help them take over the ship and become the new captain. After the takeover, Captain Mission and the pirates near Western Africa freed the slaves of a Dutch ship. Mission and his followers believed that all men should be free and that no man should be able to control the freedom of another man.


According to the book, A General History of the Pirates, Libertatia was located in the northern part of the African coutrie Madagascar and lasted for about twenty five years. The precise location is not known, however, most sources say it stretched from the Bay of Antongil to Mananjary, including Ile Sainte Marie.

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They called themselves Liberi, and lived under a communal city rule, a sort of worker owned corporation of piracy. They had written codes of conduct like a constitution, and used elected systems to choose delegates. They shared the wealth of the ship, deciding "all should be in common." All decisions were to be put to "the Vote of the whole Company."


The pirates created their own language, a polyglot mixture of African languages, combined with French, English, Dutch, Portuguese and native Madagascan.


Anytime they freed a slave ship, the pirates added new members to their nation. Some were slaves, and others were other soldiers that were also angry with their countries. Mission and the pirates of Libertatia added French, English, Dutch and Africans.

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