Nova Roma

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The flag is based on ancient Roman colors and symbols

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Nova Roma is an international organization dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture. From its creation until it lost power, ancient Rome is responsible for many of the strengths of Western civilization. Founded 2,750 years after the Eternal City itself, Nova Roma is trying to bring back those golden times, not through the sword, however, but by spreading knowledge and using good behavior.

It began in 1998 and members can be found around the world.

Essentially, when meetings happen, people dress up in Roman costumes and pretend that they are living in Roman times. Some of the members' activities include discussing historical culture, practice speaking Latin, visiting historical sites, and eating food that the Romans hate almost three thousand years ago.

Membership: There are approximately 1,000.

Ethnic groups: Unknown


Nova Roma has adopted the ancient Roman religion as its state cult, but also uphelds freedom of religion. To have a government job in Nova Roma, however, people must swear allegiance to the Roman religion. In case the people refuse to do this, they must swear to respect the Roman religion.
According to its own constitution, the main purpose of Nova Roma is to promote the study and practice of the ancient faith of the people of Rome. Roman holidays are celebrated throughout the year.


Two languages are officially recognized: English and Latin.



Official Government Name:

Nova Roma

Federalism: No.

Capital City: None

Administrative Divisions:

The officers and directors of Nova Roma follow the government of the ancient Roman Republic. These consist of magistrates, who are elected to terms of one year, and the Senate, who are appointed to indefinite terms.
The Senate are chosen by the Censors, and once appointed, may stay until voluntarily leaving the position. The Senate sets policy for the group, but the day-to-day administration is in the hands of the magistrates.
The magistrates are the officers of Nova Roma, whose titles and responsibilities are modeled upon those of the magistrates of the Roman Republic. They are elected to one-year terms, save for the Censors, who serve two-year terms.
The magistrates are as follows:
Two Consuls, or co-Presidents, who set the Senate agenda, call for public voting, issue warnings, and do other executive functions;
Two Praetors, or co-Vice-Presidents, deputies for the Consuls;
Two Censors, or membership directors, who admit new members and choose Senators;
Four Aediles, who administrate public events such as games and reenactments;
Eight Quaestors, control the Treasury and the budget;
Five Plebeian Tribunes, who have the power of veto when note any violation of public rights;

Independence: N/A

Constitution: In existence from the creation of Nova Roma

Suffrage: All members can vote

Problems: What kind of problems could a micronation have?