United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Background: In the 1800s, the United Kingdom was the leading power of the world. It had more industries and ships than any other country. It was an important nation because it helped spread parliamentary democracy around the world. It was also important for advancing literature and science around the world.
At its biggest point in history, the UK covered 1/4 of the surface of the earth! Two big things that changed the power of the United Kingdom were World War 1 and World War 2. After these wars, the UK lost a lot of its empire across the globe.

DIRECTIONS: To complete the rest of your investigation of the United Kingdom and its government, please go to the Reference section of the upstairs library and look for the call numbers of the following books:

910 Here you will look for a page about the United Kingdom

912 Here you will look for the page about the British Isles

You should also find the books labeled "Didaticos" in the Reference section of the library. There are two books that can be VERY helpful. They are:


and Start on page 380 in both books.


Additional resources: World History -- McDougal - Littell -- Beowulf
Social Studies -- Western Hemisphere and Europe -- Houghton-Mifflin